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See the Pen ECharts Version 3.0 - Scatter Map Brush by Janet Wagner (@WebCodePro) on CodePen.

I was a web developer for more than ten years before deciding to focus on technical writing full time. In my spare time I like to experiment with JavaScript libraries and APIs.

The library I use the most is ECharts, an open source (BSD 3 license) charting and visualization library from Baidu. I've created quite a few CodePens featuring bar, column, pie, pictorial, line, and other types of charts powered by ECharts. I've also created a number of custom themes for ECharts.

If I ever have the time, I'd like to try out the Clarifai image and video recognition API, Windyty animated weather forecast map API, and Wrld.js 3D mapping API.

JavaScript Libraries and APIs

JavaScript libraries and APIs I've used include
(but not limited to):

  • ECharts
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • Google Maps
  • Google Charts
  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox
  • D3.js
Clients / companies i've worked with