Writing Project Process / For in-depth content

1. Phone Briefing

Before taking on a new writing project, it is important to determine the exact project requirements (the scope of work). A phone briefing is set up to discuss the type of content needed (in-depth article, blog posts, etc.), content length (word count), the number of interviews required if any, the amount of research required, and any other project requirements.

2. Written Quote

Once the scope of work is determined, I'll send a written quote. I typically do not quote an hourly rate; projects are quoted as a flat fee. The rate and delivery time depend on the type of content, the length of the content, and what the work will entail e.g. estimated hours of research, the number of interviews, data visualization, coding, etc.

3. Writer Agreement

If the written quote is approved, the client typically places an order in writing (via email), and a writer agreement outlining the scope of the work is signed by both parties. The writer agreement can be provided by myself or by the client.

4. Down Payment

A 50% down payment is required before I begin work on a project. Once the agreement has been signed by both parties and 50% down payment has been received, I will start working on the project. Invoice for the down payment is sent via FreshBooks once the agreement has been signed.

5. Interview / Plan Content

In-depth content such as articles and case studies usually require one or two in-depth interviews with the CTO, CEO, or other company representative. The purpose of the interview(s) is to plan the content and obtain information that may be needed to write the content.

6. General Outline

For in-depth content such as articles and case studies, I'll provide a general outline for the client to review and provide comments. I'll update the outline based on comments from the client. Blog posts and blog articles typically don't require any interviews or an outline.

7. Content Draft / Final Payment

Once the client has approved the outline, I'll start writing the content. I'll submit a draft of the content for the client to review and provide comments. An invoice for the remaining 50% balance is sent to the client upon submission of the first draft.

8. Revisions / Final Approval

I'll update the content draft based on comments from the client. Once the revisions have been completed and the final draft approved by the client, the project is considered complete.