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Written Content

I help B2B technology companies create compelling, in-depth content about their solutions and the advanced technologies powering them, content such as:


I can create well-researched, audience-focused articles about your technology solutions and complex technological concepts. 

Blog Posts / Blog Articles
Blog Posts / Articles

Need help creating content for your technology products-focused blog? I'm capable of writing about nearly any type of technology. 


Case Studies
Case Studies

I can help your company tell compelling stories about how your technology solutions helped customers solve their problems. 


With the help of a graphic designer, well-researched, in-depth, long-length articles can be repurposed as nicely designed e-books. 


Press Releases
Press Releases

I can help your technology company create press releases about new products, platform updates, and other company news. 


I can help your business create engaging advertorials about your platform and technology solutions. 



Other Services

I offer professional consulting services to help clients gain a better understanding of the types of content formats available and determine the best type of format for their writing project.

I offer clients retainer agreements for basic writing services. Retainer services include creating basic written content such as blog posts (up to 600 words), website/web page copy, product descriptions, and social media updates. Retainer services can also include proofreading and editing content created by other writers.

Retainer services do not include large content writing projects such as in-depth articles and case studies or complex content (coding, visualizations, etc.)

Advanced Technologies

I write about advanced technologies including
(but not limited to):

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Health Tech
  • APIs / Microservices
  • Analytics