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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about my background, skills, and expertise.

What is your background?

I started my career as a front end developer for a large group of manufacturing companies in Northwest Ohio, later becoming a self-employed full stack developer. For about five years, I worked on both web development projects and writing projects.

At the end of 2014, I decided to focus on technical writing full time. I've been a regular contributor to ProgrammableWeb, the world's leading source of news and information about APIs, since February 2012. I cover breaking news, in-depth analysis, and product reviews.

I've also created content for a number of technology companies including AlchemyAPI (an IBM company), Brainspace, Clarifai, iVEDiX, Keen IO, Sift Science, and SmartBear Software.

Do you still do web development work?

I'm no longer accepting web development projects. However, I am interested in writing projects that involve static or interactive data visualizations.

I'm capable of creating interactive data visualizations (charts, graphs, maps, etc.) using Google Charts, ECharts (Baidu), Highcharts, D3.js, jQuery/jQuery UI, and other JavaScript libraries.

What happened to WebCodePro.net?

I used the domain/username webcodepro as a self-employed web developer. For a while, I operated as a professional technical writer using my name while continuing to use the webcodepro domain name. WebCodePro.net reflected my web development work, but didn't well-represent my writing work. So I've decided to move to JWTechWriter.com.

What content management systems are you familiar with?

I'm familiar with many CMS and blogging platforms including Drupal, WordPress, CMS Made Simple, Blogger, Tumblr, and Joomla!. I'm capable of learning and using any CMS or blogging platform a writing project would require.

Where can I find samples of your work?

You can find links to selected publications here: http://www.jwtechwriter.com/publications.php

Articles I've written for ProgrammableWeb: https://www.programmableweb.com/profile/jwagner

I've written several articles for AlchemyAPI about deep learning and unstructured data. The content was used to create several e-books and a 2-page guide, here are links to the PDFs:

   Deep Learning: 6 Real World Use Cases Download PDF
   Why Organizations Should Not Ignore Unstructured Data Download PDF
   Gaining Insights From Unstructured Data Download PDF
   Unstructured Data Management: 3 Points to Consider Download PDF

What are some of your skills and expertise?

I have over ten years of extensive web development experience which has sharpened my ability to research and understand not only programming and code, but also complex technological concepts. Here is a list of key skills and expertise:

  Technical Writing
  Social Media
  CSS / CSS3
  PHP / Python

  News Writing
  Web Development

  Content Writing
  jQuery / jQuery UI